Polaris Slingshot 4 Seater Blue

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A Custom 4-Seater Slingshot! Cruise Lake Tahoe with your family, a group of friends or another couple. The experience of an open-air Slingshot in Lake Tahoe is unmatched! Now it’s double the fun! Get ready for double takes as you show up in style. Our 4 Seater Slingshot R will always draw the crowds with its enhanced, bold paint scheme and the best in features and style. The Slingshot R comes with additional horsepower, unparalleled finishes and styling, and Technology Package 3 that features turn-by-turn navigation and connected services. Buckle in and settle for nothing but the best.

 - You do not need a motorcycle license to rent a Slingshot
 - Daily rentals include 400 miles.
 - Includes Helmet
 - Seats up to 4 people

$175 Per Hour ($50 added to Total Rental Price on Weekends/Holidays) Per Hour 3 Hour Minimum
$1025 8 Hour Full Day - 8:30am - 4:30pm
Call for Pricing 24 Hour Overnight Rental